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What are Unlimited Data Packages and how do they work?

What is it?

Unlimited Data Packages are another option for our customers who are high data users. Instead of paying the per MB data rate in that country you can purchase and activate a Data Package through the KnowRoaming app. Unlimited Data Packages are only available in select countries so please refer to the rates section within the KnowRoaming app or on our website for more details.

How does it work?

Unlimited Data Packages are purchased using pre-paid credit on your KnowRoaming account. Currently, there are three Data Packages you can buy:

  • 1-Day Unlimited Data

  • 3-Day Unlimited Data

  • 7-Day Unlimited Data

Once purchased, they are live only after they are activated via the KnowRoaming app. The time they are live is the hourly equivalent of whichever time amount you purchased. For example, a 1-Day package activated at 11:26am will be active for 24 hours and expire the next day at 11:26am (3-Day is 72 hours and 7-Day is 168 hours, etc). This is irrespective of whether you end your travels, switch SIMs, or turn off your device. 

How do I use it?

There are two steps that need to be taken; 1) purchase a data package, then 2) activate the data package once you’re abroad. Both of these steps are can be done through the KnowRoaming iOS or Android apps (or via the web app). Within the respective apps you just need to select the Services tab and then select the Packages header. Within this screen you can choose whichever Data Package suits your needs and then either active it right after purchase or come back to the app to activate it at a later time.

Fair Usage Policy

Unlimited Data Packages are subject to our Fair Usage Policy. This policy is in place to prevent abuse or situations where data access for other customers on our network are affected.

For more information on our Fair Usage Policy, please refer to the article here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I travel to another country while it’s active?

The other thing to keep in mind is that the Data Package will remain active if you travel from one supported country to another. As long as both countries are listed on the Supported Countries list for Data Packages it will remain active. If you activate a data package in a supported country and then travel to an unsupported country you will be charged the per MB cost in that country and lose the time spent in that country (the Data Package time will not “pause” while in an unsupported country).

Do I have to wait until one is expired before activating another one?

No, you can activate another Data Package while one is already activated. This will simply add the appropriate time to the end of the currently active Data Package so there is no gap between Data Packages. 


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