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How Do I Add And Activate An Unlimited Data Package?

Add an Unlimited Data package to your account to get 24 hours of unlimited data for $7.99!
Instructions for adding and activating an Unlimited Data Package are listed below for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile/Android Tablet and iPad. Please note: Unlimited Data packages do not include voice services, just data. Voice and data services, by default, are charged at a per min or per MB rate (You can view our current rates at under the 'Rates' section, or, within the KnowRoaming app).

iPhone / iPad / Android via the KnowRoaming app

1. Purchase your Unlimited Data Package

Tap the 'Services' tab on the main page of the app, then tap "Packages" on the options bar. Tap 'BUY' to purchase the Unlimited Data Package of your choice.

You will receive a prompt confirming the purchase, tap 'OK' to proceed.

The cost of the data package will be deducted from your existing account balance. If you do not have sufficient funds remaining in your KnowRoaming account, you will be prompted to pay by credit card.

IMPORTANT: After completing your purchase, your data package will not automatically activate. You have the option to activate it immediately after you purchase or you can wait to activate it later.

2. Activate your Unlimited Data Package

Tap the 'Services' tab > then tap the 'Packages' option to view your purchased package(s) under 'My Packages'. Tap 'Activate' next to your available package(s) to start it - otherwise, it will remain there on standby, waiting for you to Activate it.

After you activate your data package, you have access to unlimited data for 24 hours (1-Day) / 72 hours (3-Day) / 168 hours (7-Day) from the time of activation, depending on the length of package you activated. Please note: you cannot pause or stop a data package once activated.

After your Data Package expires, data usage will be charged per/MB. You can purchase another Data Package or activate a Data Package that you already purchased and have available in "My Packages".

Tip : To Stack / Extend data packages (Unlimited Data Packages)

If you have a package currently running and you don't want to wait until it expires to activate the next package, you can go ahead and Activate the next package. The next package will stack onto the current package, thus extending the current package without overlap.

3. Ensure KnowRoaming Data is Setup

Be sure to setup your KnowRoaming data connection. Read the data setup article for the complete steps.

Windows Mobile / Android Tablet

You can purchase and activate an unlimited data package using the KnowRoaming web app ( in your internet browser. 

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