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Global SIM Card Update Steps

1)    Ensure that you have Cellular Data and Data Roaming both turned ON in your device’s Settings.  This update can only be done over data channels, so your device cannot be connected to WiFi during the update.  This update only requires 100-200 KB of data, which is a small amount for any data plan.

2)   Initiate the update within the SIM Toolkit (Android) or SIM Applications (iPhone) menu:

     Android - Apps Menu > SIM Toolkit > Admin > enter 5656 and press SEND > SIM Update > Start Update

     iPhone - Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data > SIM Applications > Admin > enter 5656 and press SEND > SIM Update > Start Update

     *On older versions of iOS, SIM Applications is located in Settings > Phone.  

3)   You will see a pop up message that says "Updating Firmware... this may take up to a minute," followed by pop ups that tell you what percentage the update is complete (25%, 50%, etc). You do not need to do anything at this time, simply wait for the update to complete. 


Note: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users may not see the SIM Update pop up after pressing Start Update.  Not to worry, often this means the update still worked.  You can confirm by checking the version in the SIM Applications menu (iPhone Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data > SIM Applications > View Info > View Version > the version should be "2016-11-25"). If you see a different version number, please reach out to our support team for assistance (

If you get an error message, please repeat the above steps. If you get an error again, please reach out to Customer Support at and let us know what error message you saw (one example is below).

4)   The final pop up you will see says "TCP update complete. Please restart your phone in 10 seconds."  After this message pops up, wait 10 seconds and then restart your device to complete the SIM Update process. 

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