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Limited-Time Bonus WhatsApp Feature

For a limited time, KnowRoaming offers bonus zero-rated WhatsApp data usage for eligible registered KnowRoaming accounts. Limited WhatsApp data usage is zero-rated for a period of 30 calendar days following the date of an account credit purchase in the KnowRoaming app. After the 30-day period has elapsed, customers can purchase more prepaid account credit in the KnowRoaming app to continue to enjoy bonus WhatsApp data usage. Otherwise WhatsApp data usage will be deducted from the customer’s prepaid account balance if there is no new account credit purchased in the KnowRoaming app following the 30-day period. Multiple account credit purchases in the KnowRoaming app that occur within the 30-day period will grant 30 calendar days of bonus WhatsApp data usage from the most recent account credit purchase. Account credit purchases do not result in cumulative 30-day periods of bonus WhatsApp data usage.

Beginning on the first day of the new policy announcement, February 14, 2018, all registered KnowRoaming customers carrying a prepaid credit balance in their KnowRoaming account will be given 30 calendar days of bonus WhatsApp data usage.

Note: data packages purchased on and added to a registered KnowRoaming account with a voucher code are not considered a prepaid credit purchase in the KnowRoaming app and will not provide 30 days of bonus WhatsApp data usage.

Any free credit vouchers applied to the account, including the free $10 credit received with the Global SIM Sticker, do not provide bonus WhatsApp data usage. 

Generally, we place no limitations on accounts drawing less than 20 MB of bonus WhatsApp data per day. However, we reserve the right to disable this promotion on an individual account (temporarily or permanently) if KnowRoaming deems the usage as abusive. We reserve the right to adjust the speed at which individual users access data based on the average usage across our network to prevent fraud and abuse of our subscriptions by a small number of users.

KnowRoaming reserves the right to block usage of this feature within a customer’s home country. As well, KnowRoaming also reserves the right to remove or modify this limited-time bonus feature and any other product feature at the company’s discretion.

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